1Are your sandals completely made in Amalfi Coast?
Yes. Each pair of sandals is designed and produced in Sandali Tipici, our workshop situated in Maiori in Via Lungomare Amendola 38,39.
2What materials do you use for sandals?
We care our sandals are 100% Italian, made from the highest quality materials: Italian leather, Italian fabrics and Italian jewelry applications.
3Why are your shoes more expensive than others I can buy online?
Behind our sandals there are great efforts, meticulous craftsmanship and the highest quality of raw materials. Plus, we deal the whole supply chain: we handsew your sandals, offering a variety of heels with their core in leather, avoiding rubber coating. Small but relevant details to protect your health and the pleasant, gorgeous sensation of a comfortable walking.
4Do your sandals need special care?
To best preserve your sandals, you only need to clean them with a soft dampened with water, dry far from bright light and keep them away from light, heat or humidity sources. We recommend not to use any soap or chemical.
5How can I make sure I order the right size?
Select “how to choose your sandals” from the main bar and get your size comparing your footprint with the files attached.
6How long will I have to wait to have my sandals?
Each order is shipped within 10 working days. This period of time is necessary because we do not keep a stock of sandals and each pair is made by order.
7How are the orders shipped?
Sandals are shipped to customers using DHL delivery service: the moment your order is sent, you will receive a link and a code with which you can track your parcel’s progress.
8What if the sandals are damaged on arrival?
If, for any reason, the sandals are damaged during shipping we will replace them.
9Can I cancel my order?
No...each pair of sandals is made exclusively to order. Once the sandals have been made the materials used cannot be recycled given the infinite combinations of styles, colors, heels and sizes.
10Can I return my sandals if I’m not satisfied?
For any mistake we are responsible, we will fix and replace the sandals at our expenses. If the style, color, and size of your sandals correspond to your order though, we will be unable to accept the return.
11What can I do if the size is wrong?
If the size is not the one which was ordered, we will replace the sandals at our expenses. However, if the size corresponds with that ordered but the sandals are too big or too small, we will substitute them for a different size based on your footprint. In this case you will be charged only for the shipping costs.
12Once I order my sandals, how can pay?
Sandalitipici.it uses Paypal, the world’s most popular and safest on-line payment platform. Paypal processes the majority of credit and direct debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron etc. If you prefer, you can choose to pay by bank transfer. Credit card details, including number and expiry date, are sent via a safe server circuit (protocol SSL3, 128 bit). The protocol SSL3 is issued, certified and guaranteed by Verisign. In this way, all credit card details are processed exclusively by the circuit, using all the necessary controls for the authorization for online transactions. Sandali Tipici staff members do not have access to customer credit card details, but only to the information necessary for the shipment of items purchased (name, surname, address).